Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just call him Dalai Carter

While Brady has become a nonstop crawler, Carter just can't quite figure it out. He is so close, but it's just something about using one hand and the opposite knee that gets him. So instead of crawling, he just does yoga. I have been trying to get a picture for 2 weeks now, but I am never fast enough. He gets up on his hand and knees for cat pose. Then puts himself into plank. He follows with a downward dog, and then reverses back to plank and cat.

These are the best photos I've been able to get:

Love these boys!

edited: found one more


Brit said...

lol. That is dang funny:)

T Fowler said...

That's great! I hate downward dog, but Carter has great form. Kate would do the same thing, only headbut the floor when her arms gave out. Silly kids!

Wish upon a Starr said...

So....., how often do you do yoga? Those are perfect poses. That's pretty funny!!

Camilla said...

So cute.