Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Belated Happy Anniversary

It's been a great 10 years sweetie!

About 8 months ago, we decided we wanted to do something nice for our ten year anniversary. I was working an convincing Dan we should spend a long weekend in New York, because I really wanted to see Wicked again. Of course, we did nothing of the sort. We went to Zio's for dinner.

I am perfectly okay without the big trip, because I got two kids instead.

However, I did get a surprise. Dan does this to me all the time. We say we aren't exchanging gifts. Or for Christmas, let's just do stockings. Keep it under $100. And so on and so on. You would think after 10 years i would learn that Dan never sticks to those agreements.

I was under the impression that we were not making a big deal out of our anniversary. So when I walk in the door after running around all afternoon to doctor's offices and home health care companies, I find this:

10 beautiful roses and jewelry that represents our three children. I am one lucky girl.

PS Thanks for your prayers for sweet Rachel. They were never able to find a reason for the seizures, but she is back to her spunky self.


Amber said...

He went to Jared! :)

You've got a wonderful family - that's a 10 years well spent.

Thanks again for helping with Carmen yesterday! You were a life saver.

michelle said...

You are a lucky girl, because he went to Jared!!! I'm glad Rachel is fine. Happy Late Anniversary!!!