Monday, November 23, 2009

It must be Thanksgiving

I really do love this time of year. I love taking the time to count my blessings (which I know I should do better at all year). I love spending time with our families. I love tradition. Not to mention our beautiful weather here.

All month long, we have been preparing for the big day this week. Here is our photographic proof.

First, we had Tyler's Thanksgiving feast at school.

What a fun day to go see him in class as they did their program. It was even fun to eat with him in the cafeteria. I love seeing him in his element.

Also, this year we made Thanks and Giving trees.

I got this idea off a blog at the first of the month. Tyler helped me trace some tree shapes onto the posterboard. Then I cut out lots of leaves with my Cricut. Finally, every night (well almost every night) we write down something we are thankful for, and something we did for someone else that day. You can see that next year we are going to put a little more emphasis on the giving part. When we missed a day, it was easy to think of something else to be thankful for, but harder to go back and remember our good deeds. Some of my favorite things that Tyler added to our thanks tree: TV and spongebob. Yeah, having twins sometimes means Tyler watches a little bit of television.

Happy Thanksgiving!


amanda said...

so loved your trees! I hope you will share your leaves with me so I can do it next year! I love this idea and thanks so much for posting it!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for rescuing me lately! You are an angel!!!

michelle said...

What a GREAT idea! I love it! I hope you guys have a FUN Thanksgiving!! We will miss you guys, maybe next year we can do something FUN with you guys!!

Surviving Triplets said...

What a crafty idea! Love it!

Rachel said...

That's awesome! We used to do a thanksgiving Turkey when I was little...I need to start something like that with Ali.

Thanks for the inspiration!

fitandfungrandma said...

I haven't been on the computer much lately and didn't see the last two posts until now. Fun anniversary gifts from Dan. We love how good he is to you and the boys. I loved, loved the trees! What a fun idea. Love you all!

Tresa Fowler said...

Love your grateful tree, what a great idea.
I lost my Christmas card address list while transferring files over to our new computer. Would you please leave me a comment on my blog with your address. Thanks, Tresa