Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Request

This is my family, taken last year at this time. Now see that sweet baby girl in the cream sweater sitting on her daddy's lap? That is my sweet niece Rachel. Yesterday she had 2 seizures. All day yesterday and today the doctors have been trying to figure out why. They have ruled out some things, but are still not sure what caused them. If you could send a few prayers and positive thoughts to her and her parents, they would sure appreciate it. Thanks.


Surviving Triplets said...

Is she sick? Could it be b/c of a fever? I'll tell you this, our drs told us that Ian had a febrile seizure in January but when he had a 2nd one w/o a fever, I started to question it. He had an EEG & CT scan done. Both ruled out anything to do w/ his brain or any seizure disorder. Turns out his immune system flipped out on him & attacked his cerebellum causing him to have a couple of seizures which is not uncommon. It is called cerebellitis & can be post-infectious or post-vaccinal. Make sure she isn't having any issues moving (jerky or ataxia) or problems swallowing/eating.

Just some info that I wish someone would have given us.

Hugs & prayers!

Wish upon a Starr said...

We will keep her in our prayers, as well as mom and dad! Keep us updated!!

amanda said...

we sure will!