Sunday, November 8, 2009

More beautiful fall

We are still loving our autumn. All last week was absolutely gorgeous weather. We headed over to our favorite park, ran into some friends, and Tyler as usual made some new friends. We could do without the mosquitoes though--my poor babies came home with several bites on their faces.

Here's how the babies spent their time at the park.

aww, I just love them.


LRM said...

I can't believe I haven't looked at your blog for over a week! Thank you, thank you for posting the wonderful pictures. I love the close-ups of the twins and adored the picture of Tyler with his hand over Brady's (at least I think it is Brady). I hope you can all feel the love coming through the computer!!!

Helene said...

The shadow picture totally rocks!!! Glad you all had some nice weather where you could all get out of the house and play!

The babies look so adorable and cozy sleeping in their carriers. I miss those days!