Monday, June 7, 2010

Galveston Beach

I finally figured out how to upload my pictures. Really it was a matter of figuring out where my photos were stored. I know. When I was around 10, I thought I knew a lot about computers because I could turn my dad's on and play games. That's still all I know how to do, but now I realize I know nothing.

The point is, I can finally put up these pictures!

Last Monday we had such a fun Memorial Day. We were grateful for the invitation to head to Galveston. After all, we have lived here over three years and not once gone to the beach.

Tyler had a blast. He spent the entire time in the water or digging in the sand, except when I forced him to get a drink. A friend had brought his surf board and helped the kids ride it in.

A huge thank you to our friends who helped Tyler in the water (especially Gabe, but I know other people helped too), because Dan and I felt like we had our hands full.

Speaking of those two, they did pretty well. Carter liked it. He liked sitting right where the water was rolling in. He stayed in the shade and played with beach toys. He may have even helped himself to some sand.

Brady, not so much love for the beach. So far, he seems to have issues with different textures. He didn't like the sand. He didn't like the water. He spent his time either on a towel or a lap. I managed to get him on the sand for a few minutes, long enough to snap a few pictures, but then he was done.


Stephanie said...

I wish we had been able to go. Doug had to finish a paper and so, we couldn't. I am really, really hoping to get down there this summer.

Your boys are growing so fast. We really need to chat sometime.

Rachel said...

Those pictures are great! It looks like fun. We may have to come visit your beaches, since ours are in the process of being ruined. :(

Michele and Wyatt said...

I love the beach. It looks like a fun trip.