Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Day

We went to the orthotics office today. Again. And oh happy day, we can go from this

and this

and this

to this.

March 4-June 15. 3 1/2 months. Rashes, dry skin, stench, difficulties in snuggling. But I do think it was worth it. I wish I had a good before and after picture for you, but just believe me that his head looks so much better.

When we met with the person there (I don't even know what his title would be--orthotic specialist?) I told him that I hoped we would be done today, since we are going out of town, but knew that might be wishful thinking. Lucky for us, Carter reached acceptable levels, and we were cleared to discontinue. He did say that we could keep the helmet on to try and get still a little more change out of him, but once babies hit one, growth slows down and any change will take longer. Between his age and our vacation, we felt that to discontinue would be just fine. Yeah, a clean head and a snuggle before bed--I loved it.

Two final thoughts:

1. If your child is in a Doc-Band/helmet, it will be worth it. And the best way to get the smell out is with a baking soda paste. Someone left this tip on my blog, and it is so true. I just mixed a little baking soda with water, rubbed it into the helmet with a toothbrush, wiped it out with a wet rag, then dried it with a towel. It also helped to wipe it out with a dry towel after it dried to get more of the baking soda residue out. And beware, your child will probably have baking soda show up in his/her hair, but hey--it helps with the smell.

2. Dan thought it was odd that I only posted about Brady in that post about bonding. I struggle finding the balance between being fair (and if you know me, you know I like things to be fair) and promoting individualism. Carter has definitely bonded with us. Brady just seems to be needy--always wanting mom or dad, so his attachment is just more obvious at those times. Carter is much more able to play/be on his own, but that also means when he wants his momma, it means that much more to me. He is such a sweet baby with a tender heart. I am lucky to be his mom. I am lucky to have all my boys.

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Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

I sympathize with your "blog about one and not the other"comment. I feel like if I post about just one of them, it makes people think I have favoritism; which I struggled with for the first three months... I was closer to Jack than Logan. Logan was small, difficult to feed and very needy. This made me feel like a terrible mother. I didn't mean to feel that way, I just did. But it has since resolved and I feel equally (albeit differently) bonded to each of the boys. I feel a constant struggle to be fair in the amount of time & attention I give them. I find it nearly impossible to keep everything even. So I have NO IDEA how you manage with yet another kid in the mix! You are amazing!