Sunday, June 13, 2010

My curtain catastrophe

We have spent the last few months doing some home decorating, namely our bedroom (which I have finally finished and will post pics of soon) and our family room. Here is my funny redecorating story.

One of the pieces of our re-do are these panels I made for our family room.

I wanted to tie them to the kitchen windows, since they are only 10 feet apart. My idea was to use a solid color and have a small strip of the striped material in it. In my mind it looked great. I even thought I was so smart because I used a panel from Ikea and cut it up to make the valance. Well, here it is:

Yeah. A problem. It looks like a before. Like 1990 called and wanted their drapery back. I told Dan if we moved in to a house and these curtains were up, I would take them down because they looked outdated. But I just put them up that morning!

So down they came, and I whipped up some new ones ala Nester. I found this cute fabric at Hobby Lobby that had the same colors as the panels, only more fun and casual for the kitchen. Then I used the hardware I already had up to loop up the fabric piece (using safety pins) and made the green ties, tied and viola! Curtains that I love.


Gold Fort said...

I guess I'm a bit outdated. I liked the "before" valance. But the "after" ones are awesome looking! Looks great...keep up the redecorating!

T Fowler said...

So my problem is my curtains really are from 1999 and in need of a re-do. I really like you curtains thought, maybe I'll copy!
PS - When are you coming up to Utah, any time soon? Probably sooner than we are coming to Texas!