Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Learning Curve

I was so excited to finally have a minute to post. We had a fabulous weekend. I have photos of my finally finished bedroom. I snapped a picture of that lizard in our house. (Your suggestions were great, but still required me to get too close to the lizard. I saw him on 3 different days. Finally, he showed up relatively close to the door, and I was able to shoo him outside.)

My problem is I feel computer illiterate.

Almost 2 months ago we needed a new laptop and made the switch to a MacBook. I finally got all my data transferred to it and was ready to start using it for my photos. But, I can't figure it out. I can't figure out how to upload through blogger. I can't figure out how to attach photos from flickr. And now I am tired and want to go to bed.

(And if you use a reader, you can see a few of my attempts. Sorry.)

You are just going to have to wait to see pictures until I become just a little more Mac literate. I will try again tomorrow.

1 comment:

Kelsey said...

Lol- sounds similar to my post a few months ago. I'd be more than happy to come help you. Once you got it down, youll never go back!