Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our trip to Florida

One month ago, we took our summer vacation to Destin, Florida.  And because I seem to work at half the speed I normally do, I am finally going to blog about it.  I suppose it also has to do with the fact that my camera broke the first day we were there, and so I finally got around to stealing pictures from everyone else.

We left June 11 for the lovely 10 hour drive there.  We rented a house just across the street from the beach with 4 other families.  While it can get crazy with 24 people in one house, it is also a blast to be with good friends.  We obviously spent most of our time on the beach, but we managed to find a few more activities.  We rented boats and went out to crab island (okay, actually the babies and I stayed home for this one), went for pizza and arcade games, go-carts, fireworks, crab hunting, lots of games and good food.

We were actually this close to skipping the trip.  I was 11 weeks pregnant, and still under direction to "take things easy" by my doctor.  I actually sent Dan and Tyler to quite a few things while the twins and I stayed home to rest.  It was nice for them to get some normal naps and bedtimes, and I did need the rest.  It was still a great vacation, and we were able to have a fun and mostly relaxing time.

Here are the pictures I stole from Emily's blog.  She was kind enough to snap a few of my boys after my camera died.

I love these girls!

And here is a video that Ryan put together.

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