Monday, July 18, 2011

A visit from grandma and grandpa

When we thought about going to Utah to visit my family, I about had a panic attack.  I cannot imagine the twins on a three hour plane ride.  So when I informed my parents we would not be making it out this summer, they decided to come to us.  They also brought my niece Jenica, who got to stay for an extra week, and my sister Rebecca came for a long weekend.  Yay!

I love having company.  We spend most of our time just hanging out, eating, shopping, playing games.  Of course we find a few things to do.

We had a water balloon fight:

We went to the children's museum:

And we took several walks with the twins' new trikes:

My parents also got to witness that my children are scavengers:

I thought it was amazing that there was a true bond between my kids and my parents.  They haven't seen my mom for almost four months, and my dad for over a year, yet after just a few hours they were best friends with grandma and grandpa.  I truly think watching these generations on either side of me interact is one of the coolest things ever.  Thanks for coming mom and dad!

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