Monday, July 25, 2011

Sleeping Babies

I just got the twins up from their nap, and they are now eating lunch.  They woke up so happy, especially Brady.  I love it when that happens, because they usually wake up pretty cranky.

We have had quite the sleeping adventures at our house lately.  I knew it was time to switch them to toddler beds months ago, but with a move, and babies who let it be known they didn't want to change, I just kept pushing it off.  Finally, when I went to check on them last Monday at naptime, this is what I found:

Out of cribs, asleep on the floor, surrounded by the mess they made.

I knew I had to do it.  (Thank goodness for Jack and Jill baths, because I was able to get into their room from the bathroom to snap the picture, considering they were blocking the door).  I got their new room ready.  In other words I took everything out but the two beds.  And that night they went to bed in their new room.  I would say in their new beds, but they don't sleep in them.  They have chosen to sleep on the floor.  At night I go and move them into their beds, but naps are on the ground.  Until today.  Carter actually slept in his bed for naptime today!  We'll see if Brady will soon.

It took a few days of crying, but they are getting more used to the idea.  They also learned to open door knobs and climb gates within the last week, so they are locked in with gates two high for now. 

And it sounds like lunch is over.  Off to get my little monkeys!

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