Sunday, October 28, 2012

After Pictures

When we moved in, exactly one year ago, I put up some pictures of our house and promised to put up some after pictures.  Well I have some.

First up, here was our house one year ago.

And today:

Well not literally today because we had snow on the ground when we got up this morning.  The thing that tipped the scale to this house was the lot.  We loved the size, the levelness, and that we had a blank slate to do what we wanted with it.  Granted it took some cash, but I can't say it took hard work.  Unless signing the check is hard work.

Our house faces west, which makes our backyard nice and shady in the evening.  Here is the south side with our planter boxes.  We grew tomatoes, zuchinni, and pumpkins. We have since picked all 9 pumpkins and put them on our porch for Halloween.

 This is the back corner.  We have the trampoline in the ground and the playscape.  That is the one thing we did.  Dan and my dad built it and then Dan and I shoveled all the rubber mulch around it.

The other corner.  You can see a bit of our patio, the fire pit and the basketball court.  You can also the start of the fence, which we will be finishing next spring.

We really do love our backyard. Next year will be even better when I can just send the twins outside to play after the fence is done.  We have spent a lot of time out there this summer and have enjoyed all of it.  After living with our house for a year now, there are still things I like, and a few things I would change, but my favorite thing is our yard.


Angela S said...

It looks marvelous! Congratulations and I hope you get years of enjoyment out of it.

Shelly Cunningham said...

It's all gorgeous! The before and after of the front is amazing!