Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Monster Mash

A few weeks ago we went to the Monster Mash at Tyler's school.  It was a fundraiser for the PTA.   They had dinner, games, face painting, cake walk, silent auction, and an outdoor movie (which we did not stay for).  But we did get some fun pictures.

Brady won the cake walk, and I let him pick out which cake he wanted.  He choose the cupcakes with the most garish frosting, and we all had colored mouths the rest of the evening.

We also let them get their faces painted.  Well, Carter and Tyler did.  Brady has a funny thing about getting dirty and had no desire to participate.  They weren't professional face painters, just the cheerleaders from the high school helping out, but they did great.  Tyler asked for a dragon, and so of course Carter wanted a dragon too.

We had a fun night, and even ran into a family we knew when we lived in Little Rock 7 years ago. What a small world.

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