Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We had such a great Thanksgiving last week.  My parents hosted, which means they did the Turkey, potatoes, and stuffing.  My sister brought her famous rolls, my brother made the zuchinni casserole, and I did sweet potatoes and pies.  It was actually my first time making pies, and they turned out great.  Maybe I'll try making my own crust next time.  :)

Here's a little photo documentation of our dinner.

First up, the spread.  Are we the only ones how don't set up the food on the table?  For years now, we just pile all the food up and serve ourselves buffet style.

The kids table.  Yes, Carter is missing.  He is by far my best eater, and poor kid fell asleep on the way to grandma's. (We live 5 minutes from her house.)

Tyler's big Thanksgiving dinner, aka 2 rolls.

We were a little small in numbers this year.  Here's one side of the table: my mom, my niece Jenica, my brother David, my dad.

And the other side of the table: my sister Rebecca, my nephew Jake, and Dan.

The traditional after dinner nap.

Actually Carter slept before, during and after dinner.  He did get a plate when he woke up which he devoured.

Jackson and my niece Abby.

And the one and only picture of me, looking like a dork, but proving I was there.

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